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Polyethylene Pipe Systems

The HEPWORTH PME Rashidiya complex in Dubai began production of a full range of polyethylene pipe products for gas and water distribution in 1999.

Polyethylene is recognised internationally as the safest, most practical and adaptable product for gas and water distribution. Polyethylene is flexible, leak-tight and highly resistant to chemical attack.

At Hepworth PME, we manufacture medium density polyethylene gas distribution pipes to the performance requirements of B.G. Transco technical specification PL2: Part 1, and ISO4437. This pipe is suitable for natural gas, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and certain other manufactured fuel gases.

Hepworth PME sells standard 6 m and 12 m. lengths and coil. Other lengths are available to order. Hepworth PME manufactures polyethylene blue and black pipes that are included on the Water Research Centre’s list of approved materials for use in contact with potable water. Pipe sizes range from 13 mm to1000 mm and lengths from 150 m coils to 12 m long sticks.


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